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For the first time ever, we are excited to present our on-line showroom. Explore and discover a sample of our range of vehicles currently available – all from the comfort of your own lounge.

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Model & ColourRegoKMOption
NX200t Luxury 2WD
Sonic Quartz
BGM49493,281Enhancement Pack 2Driveaway Pricing $38,888 Sold
NX300h Luxury 2WD
Sonic Quartz
AJW02355,442Driveaway Pricing $47,962 Purchase Enquire
IS300h Luxury
AUL03317,631Driveaway Pricing $50,960 Sold
NX200t Luxury 2WD
ANM69842,236Enhancement Pack 2Driveaway Pricing $51,962 Sold
ES350 Sports Luxury
1RA1XJ23,335Driveaway Pricing $52,962 Sold
IS300 F Sport
Mercury Gray Mica
ATB73133,000Enhancement Pack 1Driveaway Pricing $51,962 Sold
NX300 F Sport AWD
Graphite Black
1RA1XI63,927Enhancement Pack 1Driveaway Pricing $53,962 Sold
IS300h F Sport
1RA1XG20,622Driveaway Pricing $58,962 Purchase Enquire
NX300 F Sport AWD
Sonic Quartz
AVY33455,847Enhancement Pack 1Driveaway Pricing $59,990 Sold
NX300h Luxury 2WD
Sonic Quartz
1QA3MB14,730Driveaway Pricing $61,888 Purchase Enquire
RX450h Luxury
Deep Blue
ALO95076,570Enhancement Pack 2Driveaway Pricing $65,962 Sold
RX450h Luxury
Sonic Quartz
1JC1RZ43,054Enhancement Pack 1Driveaway Pricing $67,962 Sold
RC350 F Sport
White Nova
1QA1DB13,762Enhancement Pack 1Driveaway Pricing $75,518 Purchase Enquire
RX450h F Sport
Graphite Black
1QA4HP10,396Driveaway Pricing $99,888 Sold

Terms and Conditions.

  1. By submitting your details and paying a $2,000 holding deposit, you are requesting that we hold the vehicle of your choice and which you have nominated (the Vehicle) for a period of time referred to as the ‘Holding Period’;
  2. Once we accept your request, we commit to:
    1. Hold the Vehicle for a Holding Period of 7 days (or longer by agreement.  An agreement to extend the Holding Period will be provided to you in writing) whilst we formalise all of the details relating to the potential purchase, including, but not limited to:  
      1. Any vehicle evaluation relating to a Trade-in vehicle which may form part of the agreement;
      2. Finance applications and approvals through our preferred financier, Lexus Financial Services;
      3. Agreeing to and inserting any special conditions required in relation to the purchase of the Vehicle;
      4. Formalisation and signing of documents referred to as the ‘Contract of Sale’.
    2. Fully refunding your deposit if you change your mind or mutually acceptable commercial grounds cannot be reached.
  3.  During the Holding Period, you agree to:
    1. Execute a Contract of Sale in the form provided by us and which represents a standard Contract of Sale, complying with state consumer state laws (a copy of the Contract of Sale can be sent to you for your perusal);
    2. Complete all finance applications in a timely fashion should vehicle finance be required;
    3. The fact that this offer to hold the Vehicle for the agreed Holding Period and is not a formal Contract of Sale and that we are not bound to hold or reserve the Vehicle beyond the agreed Holding Period, after which we are able to sell or deal with the Vehicle with our absolute discretion, providing the Vehicle has not been formally contracted.
  4. In the event of unforeseen circumstance we can extend the Holding Period or cancel the agreement providing a Contract of Sale has not been signed and the 3 day cooling off period has not transpired.  A full refund of your funds remitted to us in relation to the nominated vehicle will be made;
  5. If we are unable to perform any of our obligations due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control (Force Majeure), we reserve the right to suspend our obligations – either in full or in part – for the duration of the force majeure event by notice to you;
  6. The submission of details and payment in relation to the nominated vehicle does not constitute a legal or binding contract for either party, it is a request to hold or reserve a vehicle until such time a Sale of Contract can be executed between by all parties concerned, after which the Contract of Sale provides you with complete comfort and peace of mind.

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